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                                 H S C Visual Art

"Students learn about the importance of practice in the visual arts in artmaking, art criticism and art history. They learn that practice refers to the social structures, positions, actions and sequences that affect choices, perceptions, directions, ways of working and views of those involved in the visual arts. Students learn that the nature of practice involves the inculcation of beliefs, actions and ideas over time. Having an understanding of practice introduces students, within the school context, to the beliefs, interests and values circulating in the visual arts and how they may proceed in their own work. An understanding of practice will affect such things as students’ intentions, interests, interpretations, decisions, actions and judgement within the parameters of the Preliminary and HSC courses. Students also learn about how artists, art critics and art historians contribute to the field of the visual arts."

                             ****HSC Visual Art Class****

                            Class fee (1 hour)  $50.00 

                                         (2 hour)   $70.00

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